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Three of the most valuable brands in 2009 are IBM, GE, and Intel—largely B2B-focused brands targeting technical buyers. Their intangible asset drives billions of dollars in value and market capitalization. IBM's brand value is $60.2 billion (GE, $47.8 billion; Intel, $30.6 billion). Their brands, not their products, are the differentiators that lead to competitive advantage.

Source: MarketingProfs and Interbrand: 2009 Best Global Brands by Value Ranking

The Internet has made a company's brand identity more important than ever. In an increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace, a strong brand differentiates you from the crowd. Helium Interactive can elevate your brand through:

  • Assessments
  • Brand identity development
  • Messaging
  • Taglines
  • Print advertising

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More About What We Do

Want to create a fresh message that your clients can truly connect with? We'll assess your current brand strategy and map out a plan that resonates with your best prospects and clearly conveys why they should buy from you.

Want to be more memorable? Our creative team will develop advertising that leaves a lasting impression with healthcare audiences.

Want everyone on your sales team to deliver the same 30-second elevator pitch? We'll craft a concise message that reflects your brand strategy and communicates a consistent story about the value you offer your clients.

“The Helium team helped us launch the Aprima Brand in an unbelievably accelerated schedule of under two months. At every step of the way, we enjoyed a wonderfully collaborative relationship and received solid insight and perspective on our launch strategy."

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